As a working parent, I have a great work-life balance at RTI Health Solutions.
Abigail Stevenson
Associate Director, Market Access and Outcomes Strategy
employee since 2017

Work Flexibility

Before RTI Health Solutions, I worked in various health care research roles in the private sector, academia, and the public sector. When I joined RTI-HS (a non-profit consultancy), I wasn’t sure what to expect. But I am very happy, and I feel well rewarded for the work that I do! So far, I’ve been pleased with my compensation and opportunities for advancement, and I appreciate that RTI-HS has a bonus plan, so all employees can share in the company’s success.

As a working parent of two young children, I have a great work-life balance–which is very important to me. I work four days in the office and a half-day from home, and have the flexibility to change my hours during school holidays. Although I work part-time, I can rely on my team and my manager, which means I rarely work over my hours and can deliver high-quality projects for our clients without feeling overburdened.  

I have all this in a job that is interesting and challenging, working with brilliant colleagues all over the world.