RTI Health Solutions Researchers Honored with 2020 Author Awards

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The Author Awards Program, now in its 17th year, was established by the RTI Fellows as a way to recognize staff members who excel in publishing their research in peer-reviewed journals, books, and other highly visible media. “The awards honor staff whose published papers have extended the impact of our research and contributed to our reputation for scientific excellence,” RTI President Wayne Holden said. “They’re critical to the institute’s success because they help us push ourselves to do better, more impactful work."

Congratulations to the following RTI Health Solutions authors.

Career Author
Author or co-author with an average of at least one publication per year since receiving a terminal degree more than 10 years ago.

Emma Hawe

Early Career Author
Author or co-author of seven or more peer-reviewed articles in the 10-year period since receiving a terminal degree.

Mattias Aronsson
Willings Botha
Caroline Vass

Highly Cited Author
Author or co-author of one or more articles published during the past 10 years that reached the 50-citation or more threshold in 2019. Recognition is given only once for each paper.

Claire Ainsworth
Mattias Aronsson
Andrea Margulis
Caroline Ling
Bradley Layton
Brett Hauber
Louise Hartley
Kenneth Rothman
Adrian Vickers

Highly Published Author
Author or co-author of three or more peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, or RTI Press publications published during 2019.

Christine Barnett
Marco Boeri
Willings Botha
Brian Calingaert
Heather Danysh
Carla DeMuro Romano
Alicia Gilsenan
Brett Hauber
James Kaye
Bradley Layton
Lori McLeod
Carol Mansfield
Andrea Margulis
Saurabh P. Nagar
Annete Njue
Mark Price
Kenneth Rothman
Catherine Saltus
Sandra Talbird
Caroline Vass
David Wamble
Mickey Wilson

Staff Members: