RTI-HS Supports Pain Awareness Month

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September is National Pain Awareness Month, and RTI-HS joins patient advocacy groups and the medical, research, and pharmaceutical industries in raising awareness and promoting research to better understand and develop treatments for chronic pain sufferers.

We have 20+ staffers with experience in pain research. Our more than 95 pain-related publications include:

Mladsi DM, Goyal RK, Cryer B, Hopkins WE, Brater CD, Korsnes JS, Candrilli SD, Castellsague J, Varas-Lorenzo C. Risk of cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and renal adverse events associated with diclofenac immediate and extended release drug products: An observational study using US claims data.

Hong J, Novick D, Montgomery W, Aguado J, Dueñas H, Peng X, Haro JM. Should unexplained painful physical symptoms be considered within the spectrum of depressive symptoms? 

Cawson M, Knight C, Hirst M, Dunlop M. The potential of a reduction in the risk of opioid-related fractures to drive the cost-effectiveness of an analgesic. 

Gonzalez JM, Johnson FR, Runken MC, Poulos CM. Evaluating migraineurs' preferences for migraine treatment outcomes using a choice experiment. 

Visit our therapeutic experience page to learn more about our expertise with pain research, and read more of our research on pain in our searchable publications database.


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