Black C, Kaye JA, Jick H. Relation of childhood gastrointestinal disorders to autism: nested case-control study using data from the UK General Practice Research Database. BMJ (Int Ed). 2002 Aug 24;325(7361):419-21.

OBJECTIVES:To assess whether children with autism are more likely to have a history of gastrointestinaldisorders than children without autism.

DESIGN:Nested case-control study.

SETTING:UK General Practice Research Database.

SUBJECTS:Children born after 1 January 1988 and registered with the General Practice Research Databasewithin 6 months of birth.

OUTCOME MEASURES:Chronic inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, coeliac disease, food intolerance, and recurrent gastrointestinal symptoms recorded by the general practitioner.

RESULTS:9 of 96 (9%) children with a diagnosis of autism (cases) and 41 of 449 (9%) children without autism(matched controls) had a history of gastrointestinal disorders before the index date (the date of first recorded diagnosis of autism in the cases and the same date for controls). The estimated odds ratio for a history ofgastrointestinal disorders among children with autism compared with children without autism was 1.0 (95% confidence interval 0.5 to 2.2).

CONCLUSIONS:No evidence was found that children with autism were more likely than children without autism to have had defined gastrointestinal disorders at any time before their diagnosis of autism.

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