Ben Rothwell, MSc

Associate Director, Health Economics
Ben Rothwell
Practice Area:
Manchester, United Kingdom

MSc, Health Economics
University of York, York, United Kingdom

MA, Economics and History
University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Ben Rothwell, MSc, is an Associate Director of Health Economics at RTI Health Solutions. After work experience at the University of Oxford and the University of Aberdeen, Ben completed his master's degree in health economics at the University of York. He completed his research placement at the Centre for Health Economics, where he conducted a within-trial cost-effectiveness analysis comparing two noninvasive diagnostic imaging strategies to current guidelines from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence for the diagnosis of suspected coronary heart disease in England.

During his time at RTI-HS, Ben has been involved in various projects, including health technology assessment submissions, cost-effectiveness and budget-impact modeling, country adaptations of cost-effectiveness models, and systematic literature reviews of clinical and health economic literature.