Outi Ahdesmaki, BSc

Senior Evidence-Based Medicine Specialist
Outi Ahdesmaki
Practice Area:
Telecommuter - UK

BSc, Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology (Hons)
The University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom

Outi Ahdesmaki, BSc, works as an Evidence-based Medicine Specialist at RTI-HS in the Manchester, UK office. Ms. Ahdesmaki has 4 years of experience in conducting both clinical and economic systematic reviews within a range of therapeutic areas including autoimmune diseases, oncology, and cardiovascular diseases. Prior to joining RTI-HS, she completed a joint honors BSc degree in cognitive neuroscience and psychology—a degree accredited both by the British Psychological Society and Society of Biology. During her studies, Ms. Ahdesmaki spent a year working on industrial placement at Imagen Therapeutics (formerly known as Imagen Biotech), where she helped the company develop a novel kind of adhesion assay for high-content screening technology. In her final year of study, Ms. Ahdesmaki completed a bachelor's thesis within the University of Manchester's School of Psychology that focused on devising an existing magnetic resonance imaging protocol to electroencephalography purposes in human memory experiments.