Publication Management and Medical Writing

Publications are critical for the dissemination of your scientific and medical research. When you partner with us on your research projects, our expert team of medical writers can provide you with total publication management through publication planning, publication development, and project management. Let our team be your partner in publication.

Publication Planning

Managing deadlines for conferences, regulatory submissions, and internal milestones is an integral part of the publications process. We develop a customized timeline for every publication project to meet your deadlines and complement your overall communication strategy while following best practices.

Our publication managers submit publications to journals across the spectrum of scientific and medical fields. We have favored status with certain publishers, who grant faster manuscript processing times and a reduced cost for Open Access publication. Our team can align publication planning with your overall communication strategy and value proposition. Let us help you select the "right fit" journal for your manuscript and then tailor development accordingly.

Publication Development

Our medical writers are adept at taking your scientific or medical data and crafting a compelling storyline for readers. We collaborate with multidisciplinary research teams to combine different author voices into a cohesive publication message. Our approach to publication development is rigorous yet dynamic, allowing us to customize our process to meet your compliance requirements. Publication development activities include: 

Early Development

  1. Collaborating with authors to develop publication messaging and storylines
  2. Consulting with expert researchers available as an "in-house" resource at RTI-HS
  3. Determining target journal or conference 
  4. Ensuring compliance with Good Publication Practice (GPP3), International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) 


  1. Providing clear tracked changes and concise comments on drafts
  2. Documenting each author's involvement
  3. Implementing our rigorous Quality Review process:
    • Content reviewed by professional medical editors
    • Figures redrawn to publication quality by our internal graphic design team

Journal/Conference Submission

  1. Submitting the manuscript or abstract on behalf of the corresponding author (if desired)
  2. Managing communication with the journal or conference
  3. Generating an author response letter and driving revisions at the revision stage

Upon Acceptance

  1. Providing guidance on Open Access license options
  2. Reviewing the article proof

Our medical writers have experience developing publications in the following research fields and therapeutic areas:

Research Fields

Therapeutic Areas



Project Management

Our team can provide comprehensive project management for your publication project, from the initial project kickoff meeting to project closeout. Project management services include:

  • Author engagement, including managing author invitations, scheduling meetings, and eliciting feedback
  • Serving as the hub for communications between project members, especially when multiple organizations or key opinion leaders are involved
  • Monitoring and driving project completion to meet established timelines
  • Routing publications through Datavision or other publication management systems
  • Working with research partners’ medical communications agencies to develop strategies for promoting publication dissemination

Selected Recent Publications 

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