Do Innovative Health Technologies Require Innovative Appraisal Techniques?

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Workshop with Case Studies from Recent HTAs in the UK, US, and Japan

We recently collaborated with researchers from NICE and the University of Tokyo to present a workshop where we discussed challenges and solutions in technology assessments. We’d like to share the slides from that workshop with you.

In the slides, we address how health technology assessments are becoming more influential in countries where payers were traditionally not using value-based pricing methods for pricing negotiations. 

For example, in Japan, a pilot HTA was started in 2016, and policy discussions about how to implement HTAs in order to contain rising health care costs are ongoing. 
Likewise, in the United States, ICER has become very active in their reviews of new pharmaceutical products, and payers are now using ICER review outcomes for their pricing negotiations.  

We reviewed HTA’s effects on pricing and coverage decisions in the UK, the US, and Japan - and how pricing and market access are granted to drugs that may not be considered cost-effective using conventional methods.  We also used recent case studies and application of novel HTA approaches to provide ideas on future directions in HTA methods and processes.

Follow this link to access the slides on Please contact us if you have questions or if we can be of assistance to you with your health technology assessment needs.

This infographic can help you understand how to develop a plan for ICER evaluations.

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