Alicia Gilsenan, PhD, FISPE

Vice President, Epidemiology

PhD, Epidemiology
MS, Pharmacy Administration
BS, Pharmacy
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC

Alicia Gilsenan, PhD, FISPE, is a Senior Director and Head of Epidemiology within RTI-HS and a licensed pharmacist. Dr. Gilsenan’s primary area of expertise is pharmacoepidemiology and therapeutic risk management as well as the structured benefit-risk assessment of medications, biologics and devices. Since joining RTI in 1997, she has applied innovative  approaches to the design, conduct, and analysis of both retrospective and prospective epidemiologic studies, most recently focusing on consultation, design, and implementation of postauthorization safety studies. She has directed multidisciplinary international teams for large primary and secondary data collection studies including multidatabase studies in the United States and Europe, patient registries and site-based studies in the United States, and risk minimization evaluation survey.  Dr. Gilsenan has published within multiple therapeutic areas, including oncology, gastrointestinal, depression, cardiovascular health, respiratory health, and smoking cessation, as well as in the research areas of risk minimization measures and structured approaches to benefit-risk assessment.